Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's on your mind?

My summer according to Facebook:

Greg Barnett... so excited for three months of day-time relaxation sad that Treasure Island is over, but excited for Dolly relaxin' at home at the theater heading to Panguitch for some family fun at the theater
...kind of loves Dolly a lot
...should probably be working on school stuff headed home for the 4th at the theater too many crime shows at the theater
...needs something to do during the day at the theater
...hopes his epic road trip for next summer works out at the theater
...will be in Junction for a few days enjoying the company of his family
...went knee-boarding for the first time and had a total blast! at the theater
...auditioned for another show - no dice
...cried a little during his last performance of Dolly at the theater
...auditioned for yet another show - again, no dice
...finally figured out the plot to Pimpernel after 6 weeks of rehearsal at the theater at the theater at the theater opening tonight, and not sure if he's ready at the theater
...has a free evening for the first time all summer, and isn't really sure what to do with himself
...wanted to work in his classroom, but they were waxing the floors at the theater
...finally got to work in his classroom, and is actually kind of excited for school to start back up at the theater
...will enjoy his last weekend of summer freedom to the fullest starting school being involved in only one show, and that's probably for the best at the theater

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The life of an eggplant...or an egghead...

So, aside from family reunions, crime show sprees on cable, and drawn blood in the last three shows at Hale Theater (none of it mine - knock on wood), there hasn't been much going on since school go out. I spent too much money on back-to-school clothes, and not enough time trying to become a better teacher, but such is life.

School is now back in and the first week is past (173 days to go!) And we kick-started it with flair. I got a honeymoon period of about 3 hours with my class this year. I've got some real winners. My class consists of 5 white kids, 1 Polynesian, 1 Vietnamese, and 21 Latinos (2 Carloses and a Jesus). I think it's awesome. Should be an interesting year.

Evidence - beginning of the year, getting-to-know-you surveys about favorite things:

color - red
food - carrot
person - brother
place - park
animal - dog
school subject - math
article of clothing - recess
time of day - lunch
game - Hulk Unlimited Destination xbox live.

subject in school - riteing (does anyone else see the irony here?)

movie - August Rush (surprising, but awesome)

I got lots of Michael Jackson and The three Little Pigs as answers to various questions. I'm not sure what that means.

Anywho, school is back in session, the children have brought their A-games, luckily so have I. It seems to be going well so far. I'm excited to see how many of my kid's favorite animal will be a tarantula when we get to that part of the curriculum, and I'm excited for the weather to cool down as our school has no A/C.