Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thank you sir, may I have another?

I let my kids clean out their desks.  I am completely astonished at how much stuff you can fit into one of those things.  Some of my kids didn't need to clean because they're just organized kids.  Others need some serious help.

During recess one of my girls painted her nails, and then commented as I was helping her with math, "My nails all look a pig sty."  So funny.

One of my team members told us a story about how one of the cats she used to own had once squirted urine into her eye.  I mean, really.

I love my job.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back in the Saddle.

Call me crazy, but I'm in another show.  I was planning on taking a break for a while and focusing on this whole teaching thing, but I guess someone somewhere had other plans.  

I got a call last night from the Dietlein (Mark Dietlein, he produces the shows at Hale Theater) asking if I wanted to be in Cash On Delivery - the first show for next year's season.  I was a bit surprised as I hadn't auditioned.

So, I slept on it and decided I wasn't going to do it.  I was planning on calling during lunch today, but conveniently forgot to bring my phone to school.  That left me open to discuss it with a few friends.  I got home at about 6:30 after going to the gym, thought about it some more and decided I might like to do the show.  Here is my line of reasoning:

1 - It's a time commitment.  Things are crazy as it is without throwing one more thing on top.
2 - It would be nice to use the little free time I have to focus on getting the hang of this new career I've adopted.
3 - I may or may not need a break from doing a show since I've been involved in one fairly consistently since about this time last year.
4 - Loss of the little social life I currently have - including my nearly defunct dating life.
5 - Either Friday or Saturday night becomes null and void.

1 - It's not a major role, so it wouldn't be a major time commitment.
2 - I could use the extra cash.
3 - New Year's Eve show = Oh so much fun!
4 - As my mentor/coach/aunt pointed out, it's an outlet for me.
5 - Being in a show at the beginning of the year (which might be crazier than my life currently) will help me get used to the schedule for when I want to audition for Treasure Island.
6 - It's a comedy, which I love and I'm good at.
7 - I LOVE IT!

So, the pros outweighed the cons.  I said a little prayer around 7:15 stating my reasons for wanting to do the show, said I would be calling the theater back at 7:30 to give them my affirmative answer, and if that wasn't a wise idea I needed to know in the following 15 minutes.  I didn't get a no.  In fact I felt pretty good about my decision, so I called up the theater and told them I'd be willing to be in the show.  And there you have it.  Along with the role they offered me - Dr. Chapman, a novice psychiatrist dealing with his rather awkward first case - they asked if I wanted to understudy for one of the leads.  I'd get a little extra money and maybe have the opportunity to perform as a lead character.  It's not a guarantee, but it's a possibility.  I didn't commit to that one yet.  We're gonna see how the show goes and then make a decision. 

So, life just became a little busier, but it's nothing I've never dealt with before.  Being able to share my talents has always been a priority and has helped me deal with the stress of a busy life.  Plus, I get free food. :)

So come see me in "Cash On Delivery" at the Hale Theater from December 31-February 14.

Monday, October 27, 2008

No worries!

So, it turns out I have a knack for this thing they call "teaching."  Who knew?

I've been observed by administration, big-wigs from the district, colleagues, coaches, and mentors.  Though I'm certainly not perfect, and there's plenty to work on, they've all had good things to comment about and most have said I'm doing an amazing job at teaching my kids.  I think that may just be because they don't see me teaching math.  Either way it's good to know that I'm not being completely ineffective.

Families of Greater Kearns - your children are in good hands. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Say what?

Overheard by me:

Aide: "That's called condensenation"

Teacher: "Pencils aren't girls or boys, they're just pencils."

Girl: Ella es una maestra? (Is she a teacher?)
Me: No.
Girl: Es una prostituta? (Is she a prostitute?)



Lame, I know, but deal.

8 Favorite TV Shows:

Will & Grace
The Fairly Odd Parents
What Not to Wear
Myth Busters
Iron Chef
"The Show" by Lenka

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

Inspired young minds
Woke up too early
Experimented with curry
Ripped awesomeness into my itunes library
Gave candy during completely lame Red Ribbon Week activity
Watched Bill Nye
Had an uber-long chat with a friend.

8 Things I Look Forward To:

Christmas vacay
Treasure Island auditions
Hot tubbing
New pants
The day my mortgage is paid off *sigh*
Social interaction

8 Favorite Restaurants:

The Italian Village
Noodles and Co.
Paradise Bakery
La Cucina
Cheesecake Factory
Crown Burger

8 Things On My Wish List:

More books than I care to name
New cookware
New carpet
Trip to Disney
The ability to teach math
A permanent roommate
A new door

8 People To Tag:

Leah (I know you won't, but I had to tag someone.)
Anyone from Florida who reads this

Monday, October 13, 2008

Artisans and the like

I had my very first art project with my kids this week (sad that we've been in school 7 weeks and this is my first art project, I know, but there's a reason for that. I just don't want to go into it right now.) Here's what we did. Try it for yourself!

The one my third-grade team member gave me was a magic marker drawing from 197who knows when, so I used some good old modern technology to spice it up a bit. If you don't like the skull I've picked, you can find a whole slew of other options all over the internet. Your going to cut out the skeleton as follows:

And end up with something like this:

Then you glue the ribs to the back of the 'spine' thusly:

Then you're going to get four strips of paper for each limb for a total of 16 strips about like this:

Make a chain of four on both of the top ribs and bottom ribs:

And you'll end up with something along these lines:

In my class I decided to keep them around for a while as halloween decorations for the room. My kids all colored theirs and we got some interesting final projects. Here's where they currently reside:

And this is what mine ended up looking like. The kids asked if they could do eye patches too. I told them no. Only because I wanted mine is like the captain skeleton. Not that I would have done anything if they made an eye patch, but sometimes it's fun to exercise my supreme power over them. (insert evil laugh)...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mr. Scott?

Mr. B - Who can tell me something that needs to be fixed in this sentence?

Girl 1 - You need a period at the end.

Mr. B - Good! Anybody else?

Girl 2 - You need a period at the end.

Mr. B - That's what she said.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Afternoon Delight. Uh...yeah...about that...

12:10 - Lunch, and the world goes crazy.

Someone decided it would be a good idea to install windows in my classroom around 12:35, so post-lunch activities are a no-go and the search for a suitable alternate location is fruitless.  I end up taking my kids outside for a half a chapter of Matilda and some good old fashioned running.  During the running two of my boys decide it would be a good idea to pee...on the fence.

1:45 - Afternoon recess.

A small group of girls wants to a grow up a little faster and enlists the help of the bathroom paper products.

One of my girls tells some of the other kids that I have a big wiener.  I don't know how she would know, and I'm not really sure if it was meant as an insult or not.

3:20 - The end of the day

I empty my mailbox to deliver notes.  I check some and find that one girl wants to know if another girl just dresses pretty for one of the boys.  

I also get a note addressed to me, with no sender information containing the following - and I quote - "OK?"