Monday, February 21, 2011


As sometimes happens things have kind of plateaued for me out here in the L of the A, but I thought it time for a brief update nonetheless.


Things with Nance are swell. She's good about letting me maintain my independence and I do my best to keep flammable things off the stove. She also made me sing for the missionaries the other day which ended up being a fairly awkward 3 or so minutes.


Still going to workshops and meeting people. Still going to class and I feel like I'm improving myself. My agent tells me that he's submitting to things, but as of yet, no auditions. I registered with the casting company that does background artist (i.e. extras) casting for GLEE and hope to be in an episode at some point.

My agnet is what they call a "theatrical" agent. That means he submits me for jobs on TV shows or feature films. The agency has a commercial side (for print and TV ads) for which one has to audition regardless of one's status with other parts of the agency. So I auditioned a couple of weeks ago and had a callback. Now I'm just waiting...


Phineas is still great. Though a couple of weeks ago someone moved him from the street to the sidewalk - which I don't necessarily mind - except that they broke one of his brake levers. Luckily there are two. It will cost close to $100 to fix it, so until I can find time to figure it out myself or make money to pay for it, Phin is a little gimpy.

Still have some lonely moments, but I'm making some new friends and getting settled.

I'm still having some "holy $*@&" moments where I sort of realize that I'm in LA living the dream and going for it. That's kind of scary sometimes.

In the little time I've been out here there's kind of a theme that's emereged regarding this business I've entered. And that's that though a lot of becoming rich, famous, and successful is who you know, timing, luck etc., a lot of it is just sticking it out. The people who make it in the business and have careers - maybe not stellar, off the charts careers, but careers nonetheless - are the people who stick to it.

Also, here's a new project I'm working on. Tell all your teacher friends. :

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's a boy!

Meet Phineas:
He's my new ride. I would have posted a picture of me seated majestically atop this mechanical wonder, but I'm having camera issues, so you can look at the stock photo instead. :)

150 cc, 90 MPG, pure joy.

Right now my version is missing the right side mirror as it came loose and fell off while I was driving yesterday. Luckily that's covered under the warranty.

It gets a little cold riding at night at 50 MPH, but I bought some hot chocolate, and I have a snuggie, so life is good.

If you come visit me, you might be lucky enough to get a ride.