Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's a boy!

Meet Phineas:
He's my new ride. I would have posted a picture of me seated majestically atop this mechanical wonder, but I'm having camera issues, so you can look at the stock photo instead. :)

150 cc, 90 MPG, pure joy.

Right now my version is missing the right side mirror as it came loose and fell off while I was driving yesterday. Luckily that's covered under the warranty.

It gets a little cold riding at night at 50 MPH, but I bought some hot chocolate, and I have a snuggie, so life is good.

If you come visit me, you might be lucky enough to get a ride.

1 comment:

Launi said...

i love him! and i can just picture you riding phineas around LA in your snuggie. :)