Sunday, January 25, 2009

A dream is a wish your heart makes

In a recent list of 16 random things about me, as you may recall, I postulated on the idea of my own destiny for more than the average bear - if you will. A short time later I read a friend's blog post about having dreams in life. It got me to thinking about exactly what it is that I'd like accomplish in my short time on this planet we call home - what will be my mark of greatness. Now, I'm no John Goddard, and I don't think I'm nearly as altruistic as my friend in what I want, but still, in my own way, I'd like to do something with my life. Life's too short for regrets. So, here is the beginning of the list of things I'd like to do before I die, my own bucket list, as it were.

Learn French
Teach in a foreign country (Canada and Mexico don't count)
Get a master's degree...or two
Get married and hopefully discover - and subsequently develop - a talent for making babies
Write a New York Times best selling book
Be a children's author
Audition for a Broadway show
Be in a movie (not as man number 1,387 in the crowd, but something significant)
Own a house with a huge family room and a wrap-around porch
Visit all 50 states
Road-trip across America one summer visiting all the random weird things in our country that you never really hear about
Host a talk show
Visit the seven wonders of the world (all of them, there are actually more than 7, there are in fact, several lists of 7)
Visit every temple in America (I'd like to say the world, but there are getting to be so many, that that may actually become rather unattainable, however I'll do my best.)
Be a presenter for some program or another. Preferably something I'm rather passionate about.
Be a Dapper Dan at Disneyland.
See an opera at the Sydney Opera House
Walk a stretch of the Great Wall of China
Go on an African Safari
Take a ride in a 2-seater plane
Play Seymour from "Little Shop Of Horrors", sometime, somewhere
See a Solar Eclipse live
Stay a night at the Plaza Hotel
See the Aurora Borealis

Roles I'd like to play, but aren't necessarily imperative to my ultimate happiness:
LeFou - Beauty and the Beast
Percy - The Scarlet Pimpernel
Man in Chair - The Drowsy Chaperone
Max - Lend Me a Tenor: The Musical

I'll keep this list updated (if it's red, that means I've done it), and, per the example of said friend, linked, so you can all read how cool I've become *wink*, and whatever other crazy aspirations I've invented.


Miss B said...

how wonderful
in a few years
lets get married
and have a house
with a huge family room
and, of course
a wrap around porch.

Adam said...

Sink me!