Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy is as Happy does

My third year in Salt Lake has come to an end, and let me say that it's been a ridiculously crazy three years. At the end of it all, though, I am as happy as a clam (which according to a friend is about an 8 on the happiness scale) and perhaps even a little happier. Despite life's best efforts to get me down, things are downright fantastic. I couldn't ask for more than I have. I'm a little wiser than I once was, and I think I'm a better person after it all. And I guess that's what really matters isn't it? So, here's this year's list of what brought me to clam status on the happy scale:

-getting out of school early
-days during the winter when even a jacket is not required
-having big plans
-biting into a fresh crunchy apple and having a huge chunk break off
-spur of the moment vacations
-Tally Hall
-free food
-gift cards
-homemade stuff
-excellent weather
-bare feet
-killer parts in awesome shows
-Applebee's half-priced appetizers
-walking around looking at cool architecture in old neighborhoods
-unexpected giddiness
-the symphony
-wall vinyl
-mismatched Christmas tree ornaments that still mesh well
-flavored lemonade
-shopping carts
-good story tellers
-slippery sheets
-kitchen science
-alphabet books
-children's books
-when it's so hot outside that the tar on the blacktop squishes under my shoes
-pumpkin spice steamers from Starbucks
-when my tarantula Duncan catches a cricket
-paper snowflakes
-show people
-chips and salsa
-days off
-the bedazzler
-crazy life-changing decisions
-grammar (don't judge)
-British accents
-Google docs
-mixin' it up
-the ghost of Christmas yet to come
-dance parties
-following your gut
-J. Crew


Michelle said...

I kind of love you.

Leah said...

My mom shoplifted some limes yesterday because her hands were full and she was dropping everything, so she put them in her coat pockets and forgot to pay. I was like, "Mom, they have these new inventions called shopping carts..."

Cyd said...

I loved loved loved walking around with you, T, and J checking out houses and making stuff up about them. Cheapest fun EVER.