Monday, December 20, 2010

Crossing Legs Instead of Lines

Another year has come and gone, and it's one more year for some of us to celebrate the fact that we're keeping it together. (i.e. lament the fact that we're really not getting any.)

And we do it with style. Presenting:

The 2nd Annual Chastity Celebration:
Crossing Legs Instead of Lines.*

This year's reflections winners:

In third place, winning a wooden plaque 'virtue': JP with "You make me wanna wait"

In second place, winning a commemorative 'faith, hope, and chastity' wooden craft: AN with the chastity iphone app.

And this year's first place contestant, winning the unbelievable children's book "The Princess and the Kiss": KN with his representation of the crossing of jeans/genes

Thanks again to everyone who came and participated this year. Another successful celebration of our celibacy. Here's hoping you're not elligible for next year's party - for all the right reasons. But even if you do end up receiving an invite, just remember it'll be awesome!

To everyone who "couldn't make it" this year - you are dead to me. You knew six months in advance, so you have no excuse.

Chastity - Doing it by not doing it!

*The inspiration for it all.


Leah said...

That jeanetic crossing is a work of incredible genius. On a scale of 1-10, how hard do you laugh throughout this party? My sides are splitting just reading the post!

RSP said...

I love this party. I'll be sure and congratulate Abe on his award, but I also think Tyson should get a special recognition award for the catch phrase. Just saying.

Cyd said...

Freaking brilliant. I would have been there if I could! Next year, I'll ship in some chocolate (if I'm still eligible). ((Ha. "If".))

Tammy said...

That party looked like it rocked!